Fire Damage

The 2 Types of Fire Damage and Their 6 Classifications

Fires are one of the most devastating forces in nature and one of the biggest fears of any homeowner. According to the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA, an average household can expect five fires of varying sizes in its lifetime. That is a pretty scary statistic. In this article, pro restoration services provider Blue Taurus Construction lists down the two types of fire damage and their six classifications.

The 2 Types of Fire Damage

There are two types of fire damage used by most insurance companies. The first kind is what is called Primary Damage and is the most obvious type of damage when we think about how a fire might damage a building. Primary Damage is caused by direct flames to the structure and its contents. 

Secondary Damage, on the other hand, is damage caused by corrosive substances, smoke and soot caused by the fire. In many cases, Secondary Damage accounts for the majority of damage when it comes to house fires. Secondary Damage can also include water damage caused by the water needed to put the fire out.

The 6 Classes of Fire Damage

The NFPA has classified fire damage into six different classes and is identified based on the primary cause of the fire:

• Class A fires involve flammable solids such as paper, rubber, wood and cloth, among others.

• Class B fires are caused by flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, waxes and even paint.

• Class C fires are fires that are caused by gases such as butane, propane, hydrogen and other natural gases

• Class D fires are caused by combustible metals such as sodium, potassium, lithium and alloys of these metals.

• Class E fires are a combination of both Class A and B but include fires that may be caused by faulty electrical systems, old and worn-out appliances and improper use of electrical outlets.

• Class F fires involve cooking oils and fats and have their classification because fires originating from these substances usually burn hotter and cause more damage.

In the aftermath of a fire, be sure to contact your insurance provider and your trusted fire and water damage restoration services provider right away.

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